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Promoturk 2005 CNR fuar merkezinde yapıldı. Promoturk EXPORT HALL ihracat Salonu Çalışması bu yıl sosyal sorumluluk projesi olarak genişletildi. Export Hall stand hostesleri olarak 5 dil bilen, 7 bedensel engelli arkadaşımız görev aldılar.


ESANTIYON 2004; was the 19th Exhibition of Business World, Promotional Products and Gift Articles , where modern designs in promotional products were exhibited.

2 halls with 60 Promoturk members and other members of the promotional products sector have attended the Trade show.

The exhibition offered new opportunities to increase the competitive power in the market and to expand to foreign markets with its EXPORT HALL, initiated by PROMOTURK .

ESANTIYON 2004 has increased the export potential and offered new opportunities for cooperation with over 300 foreign visitors from countries listed below

The TRADE SHOW was organized by ITF-Istanbul Trade Fairs and supported by PROMOTÜRK - Promotional Products Suppliers and Distributors Association.

ESANTIYON 2004 took place at 20,000 m2 indoor area that has the same concept as PSI-Germany and Gift &Premiums-Hong Kong fairs.


BUSINESS GIFTS - Table Sets- Paintings- Special Products- Calenders- Accessories- Calculators

PROMOTIONAL ITEMS- Key holders- General Wood- Metal products- Glassware- Ceramics- porcelains- Wall and table clocks- Cosmetics- Gold and silverware- Handkerchief- Auto refresheners- Lamps and lightning equipments- Flags and pennants

PROMOTIONAL TEXTILE PRODUCTS- Bags- Caps, berets..- Leather products- Raincoat, coat, t-Shirts.Towel, home textile


GIFT ARTICLES- Paper products- Decorative items - Umbrellas- Photo products- Candles

STATIONERY MATERIALS- Agendas- Address indices- Organizers- Pen/Pencil- Notebook- Panel- Plastic products- Toys and games- Pencilcases- Post-it- Envelopes- Staplers- Mouse pads- Printed balloons- Visit card cases- Indices

With the support of PROMOTURK Esantiyon 2004 Trade Show took place at CNR EXPO Center. Our association has initiated the EXPORT HALL project. 40 members of our association took part in this project.

We produced 40 one type display stands and displayed 40 members' products in these glass&wooden stands.

The company logos were engraved on the top of the stands with no color.

Both the logo and the stands were at the back ground. The main idea was to keep product at the heart of the show. All the members that took part in the PROMOTURK's EXPORT HALL project also had stands at the main hall.

The aim of the EXPORT HALL was to exhibit a summary of the products which are manifactured in Turkey especially for export by 40 members of PROMOTURK. They were collected in one single hall in order to help the foreign visitors find and differentiate the export products among all stands of the member companies. The visitors coming from overseas were taken directly to the EXPORT HALL by PROMOTURK hosts waiting at the entrances.

At the EXPORT HALL, the function of this special lounge was explained to our foreign visitors by PROMOTURK team. Our guests took notes of the names and stand numbers of the companies they were interested and then guests were directed to the stands. Moreover, they were accompainied to the stands by one of the PROMOTURK team members and offered simultaneous translations if necessary.

The overseas visitors were the target visitors of the EXPORT HALL.

The number of registered visitors at the EXPORT HALL reached over 300 within 5 days.

The countries are listed as;

  • Germany,
  • U.A.E.,
  • Albania,
  • Australia,
  • Austria,
  • Azerbaijan,
  • Belgium,
  • Bulgaria,
  • Czech Republic,
  • China,
  • Canada,
  • Ethiopia,
  • France,
  • Greece
  • India,
  • Netherlands,
  • Iraq,
  • England,
  • Iran,
  • Ireland,
  • Spain,
  • Israel,
  • Sweden,
  • Switzerland,
  • Kazakhstan,
  • Kenya,
  • Lebanon,
  • Libya,
  • Lithuania,
  • Hungary,
  • Malaysia,
  • Morocco
  • Poland,
  • Romania,
  • Russia,
  • Slovakia,
  • Jordan,
  • Sudan,
  • Syria,
  • Turkmenistan,
  • Ukraine,
  • Yugoslavia and

The most of the visitors were from Russia, Greece, Bulgaria.

Some comments by the foreign visitors regarding EXPORT HALL :

  • Excellent idea
  • Achieved its objectives
  • Well designed as a project
  • Put into practice successfully

EXPORT HALL made it easy for the foreign visitors to see especially the export products and products made in Turkey

The EXPORT HALL was defined by 30% of the visitors especially by the ones coming from Europen countries as “fantastic”

In the EXPORT HALL along with the display stand of member companies of PROMOTURK, the 3D samples of the rewarded designs in the 1999, 2000, 2001 years Design Competitions organized by PROMOTURK were displayed.

Within those rewarded designs, a model “Coin Holder” designed by a university student received the highest attention in the EXPORT HALL.

Especially visitors from Sweden and Spain has requested detailed information about the designs and wanted contact details .

During the exhibition, most of the foreign visitors who visited the EXPORT HALL at least two times expressed their interest and they also stressed that they will be glad to see the same Hall in the next exhibition.

ESANTIYON 2004 - Document Published by EPPI MAGAZINE

The Turkish International Premiums, Promotional Items & Gifts Exhibition Esantiyon took place for the 19th time from September 1–5, at the CNR World Trade Center in Istanbul . Around 190 exhibitors, comprising mainly of Turkish promotional products suppliers, importers and exporters, but also of a few internationally-operating companies and those who have high expectations in Turkey becoming the link between Europe and the Orient showed their colours in Halls 1 and 3. The intended internationality was underlined by a specially installed export hall, where the promotional products of Turkish manufacturers destined for export, were exhibited in a most elaborate and effective manner. eppa (european promotional products association) – represented by its Managing Director, Paul Newman – its official magazine, the eppi, and the Turkish promotional products association, Promoturk, all outlined their structure, targets and spectrum of services in the form of a digital show here too.

High-ranking Visitor

Naturally such a high level of professionality received the corresponding response.

On Thursday, the second exhibition day, Elif Icbilen Welsh of Promoturk – the Turkish association organises the entire trade show together with the exhibition company, ITF (Istanbul Trade Fairs), – was given the opportunity to welcome the State Secretary, Kürsad Tüzmen. Tüzmen, who is responsible for export at the Turkish Department of Trade and Industry, was lead on tour of the exhibition. He praised the excellent presentation and gained an insight into the advertising impact of promotional products: Spontaneously, the State Secretary took exhibits out of the show-cases to take a closer look at them, which further stressed the fact that promotional products also have a haptic dimension.

Neither the State Secretary, nor the – according to official figures – 21,000 visitors or the 187 exhibitors found reason for complaint. The official figures were not available at the time of going to press, however according to reports, whereas attendance figures on the first day were low, the 2nd day was significantly better.

Wide Spectrum

Textile companies dominated the show. Elif Icbilen Welsh: “Promoturk textile suppliers offer excellent service at optimal value for money relations and are furthermore specialists in the custom-design sector!“ As well as companies offering the complete assortment, writing instruments, leather goods, paper products, give-aways and customising machine providers were also out in force.

The show was open to end-buyers of promotional products, however the visitors also included domestic distributors and representatives from internationally-operating distributors. The IGC members, the oldest international promotional products union, even held their summer meeting in the metropolis on the Bosporus, taking of course the opportunity to see what the Turkish suppliers had to offer at the show.

The Turkish promotional products show Esantiyon has obviously progressed into an international trade show event.